Stuart Rome has worked as a photographer since the 1970’s during which time he began exhibiting works in color - both landscapes and portraits, entitled, Modern Mythologies. His first solo exhibition was presented at the International Museum of Photography in 1978.   

His interests in anthropology led to book projects photographing antiquities in Latin America and Asia as well as recording remnants of these expressions found in the rituals of trance. This documentary work led to landscape photographs of forests as a manifestation of pantheistic energy.

Patterning found in tribal art and textiles became the framework from which ideas about the natural world would emerge in his most recent published work, Drawn from Nature as well as ongoing Forest Pictures and the new series, “Oculus”.

In 1985 Stuart Rome was hired to design and build a new Photography Program at Drexel University in Philadelphia, where he continues to teach until his retirement in 2019. 

Stuart Rome has exhibited extensively over the years in solo and group exhibitions - in galleries and museums. Amongst his publications are: Maya, Treasures of an Ancient Civilization, Abrams, 1985; Forest, a monograph, Nazraeli Press, 2005; Signs and Wonders, The Southeast Museum of Photography, 2011. The John Simon Guggenheim fellowship was awarded in 2015 for his most recent work, "Oculus", photographs from within giant redwoods and sequoias.